Shakti Naam Masterclass with Alyssa Gaustad

Saturday, October 31st at 9:00am-10:15am PDT (Intro at 8:45am PDT)

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Join us for a special Full Moon Shakti Naam Masterclass with Alyssa Gaustad. This invigorating and precise practice of Sukshma Vyayama Powered by Naam coupled with a special Full Moon meditation will enliven you and help you to clear your mind so you can be calm, centered, creative and healthy. You can use the energy of the full moon to heal and transform every area of your life. This is a time where you can recreate yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity, along with the positive Naam group energy to take your health and life to the next level.

What to expect:

-Precise breathing exercises for concentration, focus, and balance

-Ancient yogic movements combined with breath and sound to recalibrate your nervous system for strength and optimal performance

-Special Full Moon Meditation sequence to help you remove unwanted things from your life so you can move closer to your goals, dreams and future vision.

Your Instructor

Alyssa Gaustad
Alyssa Gaustad
Alyssa is honored to share the nourishment of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and to transform through the ecstatic luminous blessing of Naam. A dancer at heart, her classes are infused with love, musicality, inspiration, devotion, discipline and respect for each individual's process. Alyssa trained extensively in dance for over 20 years and graduated cum laude with a BA in dance where she honed her teaching skills studying pedagogy, anatomy and injury prevention. Alyssa received her certifications in the Gyrotonic Expansion system, Gyrokinesis, Pilates Mat, Kundalini Yoga and Naam Yoga® Therapies Levels I, II and III. She danced professionally and taught a variety of populations and settings including hospitals, gyms, offices, yoga studios and private clients in NYC for over ten years. Currently, Alyssa is a Senior Harmonyum Practioner and Naam Yoga® Therapies Teacher Trainer. She teaches Shakti Naam Yoga(TM), Dancing Naam(TM), New and Full Moon Rituals and Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr.Joseph Michael Levry. In addition, Alyssa is on the Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond(TM) Faculty. Alyssa lives in LA and teaches with an incredible team of colleagues around the world including Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico.

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an author, composer, international speaker, producer of sacred music and dedicated teacher and founder of Naam Yoga. In his work, Dr. Levry pursues his vision of providing humanity with tools for a healthy lifestyle, peace and happiness. His student base includes people from all backgrounds, age groups and spiritual orientations.

After decades of travelling, studying, exploring and implementing practices within various mystical traditions and yogic sciences, Dr. Levry merged what he observed to be the most healing and therapeutic applications for lasting health and wellbeing under the single discipline of Naam Yoga. This powerful form of yoga is a carefully selected treasury of the world’s finest healing arts and metaphysical principles, and a symbol of Dr. Levry’s lifelong mission to provide humanity with the purest, most sophisticated tools for self-healing.

El Dr. Joseph Michael Levry es autor, compositor, conferencista internacional, productor de música sagrada y un dedicado Maestro. En su trabajo, el Dr. Levry tiene la visión de proporcionar a la humanidad las herramientas para un estilo de vida saludable, la paz y la felicidad. Su grupo de estudiantes incluye a personas de todos los orígenes, grupos de edad y creencias espirituales.

Después de décadas de viajar, estudiar, explorar e implementar prácticas dentro de varias tradiciones místicas y ciencias yóguicas, el Dr. Levry fusionó lo que observó como las aplicaciones más curativas y terapéuticas para la salud y el bienestar duraderos bajo la única disciplina de Naam Yoga. Esta poderosa forma de yoga es un selectivo tesoro de las mejores artes curativas del mundo y de los principios metafísicos, y un símbolo de la misión del Dr. Levry que es proporcionar a la humanidad las herramientas más puras y sofisticadas para la autosanación.

What people are saying:

Master Class gives you exactly what you need at exactly the right time and in the exact right amount. I am 42 years old and I had been feeling some weakness in my heart that I was afraid would never improve. After three months of attending Master Classes regularly, I was walking up a huge hill one day and noticed how amazing I felt—no trouble from my heart whatsoever! It isn’t just the physical healing that Master Classes bring, they help you get out of any negative thinking or feeling that you may be subconsciously addicted to. One thing that I have learned from Master Class is that thoughts create your reality and I feel like I am a much more positive person now. People are always telling me how youthful I look and I just tell them to go to Master Class!!! -----A.H.

It is hard to put into words the amount of healing and joy that happens in each Master Class. Not only do I feel healthier, look younger and have a revived interest in waking up each day, people also tell me that I am much friendlier and easier to get along with and although that is something that I wish hadn’t needed to improve on, I am so grateful to Master Class for helping me to “align my attitude”, because at the end of the day I just want to be a blessing to my family and surroundings. J.P.

¡Lo que la gente dice!
La Clase Magistral te da exactamente lo que necesitas en el momento exacto y en la cantidad correcta. Tengo 42 años y había estado sintiendo alguna debilidad en mi corazón que temía que nunca mejoraría. ¡Después de tres meses de asistir regularmente a Clases Magistrales, un día estaba subiendo una enorme colina y me di cuenta de lo increíble que me sentía, sin problemas de mi corazón! No es sólo la sanación física lo que te da las clases magistrales, sino que te ayudan a salir de cualquier pensamiento negativo o sentimiento subconscientemente. Una cosa que he aprendido de la Clase Magistral es que los pensamientos crean tu realidad y siento que soy una persona mucho más positiva ahora. La gente siempre me está diciendo lo joven que me veo y les digo que vayan a la Clase Magistral !!! Aa
Es difícil poner en palabras la cantidad de sanación y alegría que ocurre en cada Clase Magistral. No sólo me siento más sano, me veo más joven y tengo un interés intenso en despertar cada día, la gente también me dice que soy mucho más amigable, aunque eso es algo que no hubiera tenido que mejorar, estoy muy agradecido por la Clase Magistral por ayudarme a "alinear mi actitud", porque al final del día sólo quiero ser una bendición para mi familia y mi entorno. J.P.

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