Naam is a timeless, simple and healing practice that incorporates meditation and movement. As our gift to you, we've put together a selection of powerful classes with the intention of helping you cultivate peace, balance and flow this holiday season. In these classes you will find a wealth of knowledge to guide you.

Your Holiday Gift

Meditation + Movement
For Peace and Health

Naam Peace Meditation with Melissa Breslow
• Naam Meditation with Emily Hoda
• Naamathon

Move your body:
• The Naam 5 with Giu Bergamo
• Global Naam Yoga with Courtney Miller
• Global Naam Yoga with Alyssa Gaustad

Wishing you so much love, peace and light!

Meditation class descriptions

Naam Peace Meditation: One hour of mantra meditation with mudras for peace, health and miracles. A pdf of mantras is attached in the course.

Naam Meditation: Mantra meditation that invokes the power of the word and sound vibration to center one’s mind and emotions on self-healing, positivity, joy and transformation.

Naamathon: Two hours of Naam meditation with music, mantras and mudras is a sacred way to foster positive energy. This is a beautiful opportunity to send love, healing energy and light to humanity.

Movement class descriptions

The Naam 5: This 45-minute class combines movement, sound, positive energy, breathing and expansion to leave you feeling vibrant and healthy.

Global Naam Yoga: Includes Shakti Naam Yoga and Sukshmah breath practices. Shakti Naam is a precise application of sacred sound (mathematical music and mantra), movement, breath, mudra (hand postures), and laughter for complete health, wellbeing and joy!

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