Healing with Community: Move, Breath, Mantra!

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This monthly class is part of our 3 month Healing With Community series, a new series dedicated to healing, soothing and strengthening your nervous system, augmented by the healing power of being in community! Join us online for group sessions practicing Naam techniques for renewed health for your body, mind, and spirit.
At the heart of each class will be the Naam 5 followed by breath work and mantra meditation. Each month will feature a different breathwork + mantra combination!


Saturday, November 6 at 8-9am PDT
Breathwork for Strong Nerves
Mantra to Completely Revitalize the Brain
Saturday, December 4 at 8-9am PST
Breathwork for Restoring Energy in the Nervous System
Mantra for Restoring Life
Saturday, January 8th at 8-9am PST
Breathwork for Releasing Emotional Tension
Mantra for Clearing Pain, Sorrow and Health Challenges

Enroll in the Move, Breath, Mantra! as a course or go to Healing with Community: The Complete Package to enroll in the complete Healing with Community series.

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Naam LA

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