Real Life Summit - Day 2 SCHEDULE

2:00-2:15pm. How to make your body strong without going to the gym with Alyssa Gaustad

Learn how the science of Sukshma Vyayama powered by Naam can support you to make your body strong, retain and tone muscles, without having to go to the Gym.

2:15-2:30pm. How to get a cardio workout from your home with Alyssa Gaustad

Find out how a special Naam Cardio workout can exercise your heart, build your stamina, improve your lung & Liver health, and boost your immune system.

2:30-2:45pm. 5 minutes of breathing for strong lungs with Courtney Miller

Lung Health and breath has never been more crucial than right now during Covid-19. Learn how you can strengthen your lungs in just 5 mins a day with Courtney Miller

2:45-3:00pm. Immune health with essential oils with Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi

Essential Oils are powerful enough to burn skin, kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and much more. Learn how to put the power of essential oils to work for you with the renowned experts and founders of Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, Joshua and Lemia.

3:00-3:15pm. Staying Healthy during Covid-19 with Renata Spironello

Learn Simple Tips and tools to stay healthy during Covid-19.

3:15-3:30pm. Healthy eating during Covid-19 with Sivan Einav

Discover how you can improve your health and eating habits with renowned nutritionist and Ayurvidic Expert Sivan Einav

3:30-3:45pm Finding time to exercise with Courtney Miller

Do you spend a lot of time sitting for work? Or looking for work? or lying on the sofa watching TV? Maybe you are too busy to exercise? Talk with Courtney Miller about the best way to find to find time to exercise.

3:45-4:00pm Staying Healing During Covid-19 Part 2 with Renata Spironello

Learn Simple Tips and tools to stay healthy during Covid-19.

4:00-5:00pm. LIVE Q & A & Group Round Table: Health in the time of Covid-19 with All Presenters: Alyssa Gaustad, Courtney Miller, Joshua Bowser, Lemia Astarabadi, Renata Spironello, Sivan Einav.