Real Life Summit - Day 1 SCHEDULE

2:00pm: Enforced Time Alone? Discover a part of you, you never knew with Sivan Einav

2:15pm: The Make or Break Secret of a Great Relationship with Primavera Salva

2:30pm: 5 Tips for Better Communication with Your Love Mate with Lemia Astarabadi & Josh Bowser

2:45pm: Learning to Spend Time Together with Your Partner During Covid-19 with Chris Merrill

3:00pm: How to Support your Family Vibe in Covid-19 with Eva Gantus

3:15pm: Finding Peace in Time of Crisis with Rina Ayala & Luis Colina

3:30pm: Why it is so vital to stay connected & united during social distancing with Karen Seva

3:45pm: How to get the benefits of hugging when you can't hug - how to release oxytocin for your Self with Dr. Christina Pabers.

4:00pm: Group Round Table: Love and Family in the time of Covid-19 with All Presenters: Chris Merrill, Dr. Christina Pabers, Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi, Luis and Rina Ayala, Primavera Salva and Sivan Einav, Karen Seva and Eva Gantus