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The "Real Life Summit with Naam" is the first of its kind; in which experts in the fields of Naam Wellness come together with Tips and Tools to Transform Today's Challenges into new possibilities.

We are in the midst of challenge and uncertainty like never before. We are needing to call upon new and existing resources to assist us in navigating through this unchartered territory.

During the Real Life Summit - we will learn Naam Secrets to create success and help us to make the most out of whatever situations we find ourselves in the midst of.


Calendar of Events:


Covid-19 and the extended quarantines that many people are going through are a reality that has an effect on the ones we love. Get important relevant tips to help you address real life Love and Family Relationships with our presenters: Chris Merrill, Dr. Christina Pabers, Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi, Luis and Rina Ayala, Primavera Salva and Sivan Einav.

2:00pm: Enforced Time Alone? Discover a part of you, you never knew with Sivan Einav

2:15pm: The Make or Break Secret of a Great Relationship with Primavera Salva

2:30pm: 5 Tips for Better Communication with Your Love Mate with Lemia Astarabadi & Josh Bowser

2:45pm: Learning to Spend Time Together with Your Partner During Covid-19 with Chris Merrill

3:00pm: How to Support your Family Vibe in Covid-19 with Eva Gantus

3:15pm: Finding Peace in Time of Crisis with Rina Ayala & Luis Colina

3:30pm: Why it is so vital to stay connected & united during social distancing with Karen Seva

3:45pm: How to get the benefits of hugging when you can't hug - how to release oxytocin for your Self with Dr. Christina Pabers.

4:00pm: Group Round Table: Love and Family in the time of Covid-19 with All Presenters: Chris Merrill, Dr. Christina Pabers, Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi, Luis and Rina Ayala, Primavera Salva and Sivan Einav, Karen Seva and Eva Gantus

Saturday, August 1st, 2020: HEALTH

For years, Naam has been saying, Health is not a luxury, its a necessity. During Covid-19, we can see this statement is even more true. We are excited to offer you ways to rediscover, increase, support and maintain the best of health with our presenters: Alyssa Gaustad, Courtney Miller, Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi, Renata Spironello and Sivan Einav.

2:00-2:15pm. How to make your body strong without going to the gym with Alyssa Gaustad

Learn how the science of Sukshma Vyayama powered by Naam can support you to make your body strong, retain and tone muscles, without having to go to the Gym.

2:15-2:30pm. How to get a cardio workout from your home with Alyssa Gaustad

Find out how a special Naam Cardio workout can exercise your heart, build your stamina, improve your lung & Liver health, and boost your immune system.

2:30-2:45pm. 5 minutes of breathing for strong lungs with Courtney Miller

Lung Health and breath has never been more crucial than right now during Covid-19. Learn how you can strengthen your lungs in just 5 mins a day with Courtney Miller

2:45-3:00pm. Immune health with essential oils with Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi

Essential Oils are powerful enough to burn skin, kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and much more. Learn how to put the power of essential oils to work for you with the renowned experts and founders of Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, Joshua and Lemia.

3:00-3:15pm. Staying Healthy during Covid-19 with Renata Spironello

Learn Simple Tips and tools to stay healthy during Covid-19.

3:15-3:30pm. Healthy eating during Covid-19 with Sivan Einav

Discover how you can improve your health and eating habits with renowned nutritionist and Ayurvidic Expert Sivan Einav

3:30-3:45pm Finding time to exercise with Courtney Miller

Do you spend a lot of time sitting for work? Or looking for work? or lying on the sofa watching TV? Maybe you are too busy to exercise? Talk with Courtney Miller about the best way to find to find time to exercise.

3:45-4:00pm Staying Healing During Covid-19 Part 2 with Renata Spironello

Learn Simple Tips and tools to stay healthy during Covid-19.

4:00-5:00pm. LIVE Q & A & Group Round Table: Health in the time of Covid-19 with All Presenters: Alyssa Gaustad, Courtney Miller, Joshua Bowser, Lemia Astarabadi, Renata Spironello, Sivan Einav.

Sunday, August 2nd: Money and Career

Covid-19 has created a huge wave of change affecting businesses and economies throughout the world. In this 3rd segment of the Naam Real Life Summit, our experts provide the best tips and tools to support individuals and business to create financial stability and find opportunities. You will hear from: Chris Merrill, Katia Bouazza, Primavera Salva, Sivan Einav

2:00pm: Prosperity tips in a recession with Chris Merrill

Everyone can use an advantage to help boost your prosperity, especially in a recession. Learn simple techniques that help you work with the laws of nature to help you for the better.

2:15pm: Finding the right date to open/reopen a business with Deborah Braun

Need to start your business during Covid-19? Or maybe you've been closed and need to reopen? Get the simple wisdom you need to make sure that the universe is working with you instead of against you.

2:30pm: How to pay credit card debt so it becomes less with Chris Merrill

Learn Simple Techniques, combined with applications of the laws of the universe to help pay of your credit card debt faster.

2:45pm: Finding business opportunities in a recession (Working with the moon for Guidance & Finding your Way Forward) with Primavera Salva

There is no up without down, there is no recession without the opportunity for success. Let us help you find an opportunity to expand your business even during a recession.

3:00pm: Important Criteria For Going Into Debt with Chris Merrill

There are some things that everyone needs to know when making a choice to go into debt. Based on Universal Laws, these principles can help you gather the forces you need to make important decisions such as going into debt.

3:15pm: How to find/keep your job when everyone else is looking for one with Sivan Einav

Everything is energy. These simple techniques, combined with practical wisdom, can make the difference between keeping/losing a job, and also finding/getting a job during a recession.

3:30pm: Pivoting your Business to meet a new set of customer demands with Chris Merrill

Business analysts agree that everything has changed since Covid-19 came on the scene. Find out what people are interested in, where they are spending money, and how you can focus/repurpose your business to match your customer needs.

3:45pm: Bills, Credit, Savings and Debt, during Covid-19 with Katia Bouazza

So many people are dealing with economic uncertainty. Find out from a Banker and Naam Yogi what to do with your money, bills, savings and debt during Covid-19 so that you can address today in such a way as to be financially secure tomorrow.

4:00-5:00pm 4:00-5:00pm. LIVE Q & A & Group Round Table: Money and Business in the time of Covid-19 with All Presenters: Chris Merrill, Katia Bouazza, Primavera Salva, Sivan Einav.


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