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Welcome to this week's Shakti Naam Masterclass

Here is the format for today's Masterclass.

  1. Masterclass will generally be 75 minutes. It will include Shakti Naam Yoga (movement, breath, mantra meditation). There may be spiritual wisdom shared.
  2. Masterclass will be run in a "Live" format. This means that all participants will be asked to show their video so we can all see each other practicing around the world. Some portions of the class will be live as well.
  3. This week Masterclass will only be available "Live" from 9:00am PST to 10:15m PST.
  4. Masterclass will have an extended replay for people who weren't able to join the live format (and for anyone who'd like to view again). They replay will be available all weekend and come down at 11:59pm PST on Sunday night.
  5. After Masterclass, participants are invited to share a meal and some community time together in an open viewable format.

Here is the schedule - Please note all time listings are approximates - They may change slightly as we go through.

8:45am PST - Introduction to Masterclass with Courtney Miller

9:00am PST - Masterclass begins

10:15am PST - End of Live Class, we invite you to stay on Zoom for community chat

REPLAY will be available after the live class as soon as the recording is processed by Zoom and uploaded to our classes.

PLEASE NOTE! Masterclass Online Subscribers have access to both Live and Replay in their "My Courses" section at nyla.naamyoga.com.

For questions about Masterclass, please contact [email protected] or call us at 310-751-7550.

Sending you Love and Light,

Naam LA Online & Naam Masterclass Team