Self-Healing Tools for Uncertain Times - Course Curriculum

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This "Self-Soothing for Uncertain Times” series with Johanna Beekman begins with four weeks of samplers from Lullaby Yoga, Mantra, Trauma Tools, and Free Your Soul's Voice and moves into a weekly ongoing deeper dive into each practice.

Self-Soothing for Uncertain Times  with Johanna Beekman

Class 1: Lullaby Yoga Short Form

Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing to them. The music—a soothing blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself. Johanna teaches Lullaby Yoga classes at world-class festivals and studios across the US.

Class 2:  Mantra Meditation: Soothing the Spirit of the World 

In this meditative workshop, we’ll experience the power of healing chants to focus the mind, deepen the breath, free the voice, and soothe the spirit. For thousands of years, chanting and singing have been embraced as a vehicle for peace and transformation. By embodying these practices, we offer healing prayers for liberation, beginning within ourselves, and rippling out into the world. All levels welcome, no previous chanting, or singing experience necessary.

Class 3. Trauma Tools Introduction

This mini-course will sample modalities for regulating the nervous system during stressful times, with specific tools for reducing trauma response to life’s everyday jarring moments. We’ll ground ourselves in practices from somatic, vocal, and energetic modalities, such as shaking, strengthening psoas/vegal tone, and moving energy through vocalization, self, compassion meditation, and soothing sounds. 

Class 4: Free Your Soul’s Voice Mini-Playshop

This workshop is an upbeat, playful exploration of the human voice, designed for everyone. Through sound, movement, rhythm, speech, and song, Johanna helps participants to unlearn their ideas about singing and speaking and learn how to tune and care for the human instrument. Inspired by the safe, playful energy, we’ll explore light-hearted chants and harmonies, just for the joy and freedom of it. (Not to mention health and nervous system benefits!) No previous singing or chanting experience is necessary.

Johanna Beekman has toured the country for five years, sharing her infectious song-stylings and inspiring freedom of voice and spirit.