Naam Peace Meditation: Free or By Donation on Fridays at 4pm-5pm PDT

Mantra Meditation for Peace

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One hour of mantra meditation with mudras or peace, health and miracles. A pdf of mantras is attached to the course. Join for Free or by Donation, live on Fridays at 4-5pm PST.

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Melissa Breslow
Melissa Breslow

Melissa Breslow, founder of Mind-Body-Space, teaches yoga, breath, and shares divine spiritual wisdom. She is an aromatherapist, energy, and sound healer. While maintaining a strong focus in her Harmonyum healing practice, Melissa is certified in Hatha Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga, and in Harmonyum 1 & 2. She has trained in plant healing through aromatherapy with masters such as Lemia Astarabadi & Joshua Bowser of RaMa Holistic Care. Melissa's love for mother earth has also led her to Gaia School of Healing studying herbs and how to be a good green witch with Marysia Miernowska. She is a musician with a strong love for animals and is grateful for the blessing to serve and help in healing others.

Learn the tools to master the self to find joy and happiness in your life. Melissa focuses on helping people achieve that point of bliss through tapping into their self-healing mechanism. Through positivity, breath, and movement, we can control our nervous system, blood chemistry, and overall health. Find physical healing in shifting your emotions through thought. Melissa sees private clients, facilitates group healings, and brings Mind-Body-Space to festivals with a full team of healers, DJ’s and yoga teachers.

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  Naam Peace Meditation with Melissa Breslow
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When does the course start and finish?
This class takes place live online at 4-5pm Pacific on Fridays. Members will find this class in their membership bundle on the Friday schedule. It is also available for Non-Members by registering here for Free or By Donation.

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