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Step into a space of enlightenment and empowerment with the "The Light of Success," a special fundraising event led by Chris Merrill to support Giving Naam’s Initiative: Partner Outreach. The Partner Outreach Program is part of Giving Naam’s focus to Improve Lives and Health Through Naam, and provides Naam’s time-proven practices to worthwhile organizations to support their various communities health and wellbeing. 

The Partner Outreach Program serves groups such as cancer recovery communities, centers for healthy aging, youth organizations, rehab facilities, and more. The goal of this event is to raise funds for a complete 12 month program of weekly classes (approximately $10,000).

What to Expect

During this transformative session, immerse yourself in the holistic combination of yoga, breathwork, and powerful mantra meditation. This workshop includes a profound dialogue on the spiritual wisdom of success that aims to harmonize and elevate all aspects of life. 

Experience a new release showcasing The Success Key meditation and discover how integrating these practices can open doors to enduring success and inner peace. After the session we will spend time talking and enjoying community. Lite bites provided 🙂

Event Details

Date Sunday, May 19, 2024

Location 2116 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Time 2:00-4:30pm PDT

(replay available until 11:59pm PDT on May 26).

Arrive and get settled - please bring a yoga mat, blanket, bolster if you need one during seated meditation

2:15-3:00 Class including breathwork and movement

3:00-3:30 The Success Key meditation

3:30-4:30 Community connection with snacks provided by Farmshop. We will also serve our Yogi Chai.

Donation Amounts & Gifts

$25 Donation - Community Discount - Attendance

$50 Donation - Attendance

$100 Donation - Attendance + Har Video for Health

$250 Donation - Attendance + $100 item + Spiritual Science of Money

$500 Donation - Attendance + $250 items + 25 Minute Success Blueprint Reading

All tickets include access to the recording of class and The Success Key meditation for 7 days.

About The Success Key

The Success Key uses N.A.A.M (Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation) to bring forward the missing elements of a person’s mindset and habits so that they can experience success in every part of their life.  

The album includes a shorter and longer version of the meditation, complete with beginning and ending the practice and time to sensately visualize the intended outcomes and desired results. The music on this album is made using the science of NAAM so that practicing it by verbalizing the sounds audibly heals through timing, pitch, rhythm, breath speed, so that its not just a nice song to listen to, it actually has an enduring effect on brain chemistry, nervous system and glandular system health. The result is that your glands begin to secrete healthy neurotransmitters, literally bathing you in the hormones of success. The effects of this practice are not an intellectual construct, they are real and only require consistent daily practice to experience them.

Practicing The Success Key

  • Stimulates creativity and intuition to make positive, success affirmative decisions
  • Increases motivation and the desire to self actuate and achieve
  • Eliminates false narratives, self-limiting beliefs and false perceptions
  • Stops destructive behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and speech patterns
  • Removes traits such as procrastination, hesitation, indecision, fear 
  • Activates one’s drive to succeed
  • Balances a person’s internal polarities to create sustainable long term results

    In essence,
    The Success Key meditation manifests success in every part of your life by bringing out your best self. It is a timeless practice that uses NAAM to transform the lives of all who practice it. 

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