Symposium - Day 2 SCHEDULE

2:00pm - Dive Deeper into strength and endurance with Laura St. John from Strong Confident Living. She brings to the world of fitness a new approach that incorporates mindset training into a high intensity workout that teaches participants how to move with intention.

3:00pm - Robert Hall will be presenting "Immunity Endurance: Strategies for Uncertain Times." - with a focus on utilizing herbalism for health.

3:30pm - Ava Malazian, the healthy home chef, will be bringing healthy and delicious recipes and cooking tips!

4:00pm - Orit Heartlight will be leading us in a beautiful Despacho Ritual from the Andes Mountains of Peru. Make offerings and give gratitude to Mother Earth, Father Sun, the Mountain Spirits, the Divine and other universal organizing principles.

Save your questions! Following the last presenter of the day will be an interactive Q&A!