Spring Equinox Celebration 2021 with Dr. Levry on Saturday, March 20th

11am PDT / 12pm MEX / 2pm EDT / 7pm Europe

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Please join us on Saturday, March 20, 2021 as we unite hands and hearts to send a massive wave of healing vibration to the entire world. Our sisters and brothers and the planet we live on are in urgent need of healing, as a result of our collective action and inaction throughout generations. It is up to each one of us, to help in any way we can. We have no time to delay.

A chain can only be as strong as its weakest link; for our human family to be healthy, we all need to be healthy. As individuals in our human family, the stronger we are, the more we are able to positively impact the whole.

In this spirit, we extend this invitation to you, our global family, to come together as one under the guidance of Dr. Levry, so that together we can raise our vibration and the vibration of all.

What makes equinox such a powerful time for renewal and healing?

Every year, nature offers us four especially powerful times for healing and renewal: solstices and equinoxes. These are highly auspicious times where our ability to synchronize our individual energies with the constructive forces of the universe is extremely magnified. We can use this time constructively to improve our health, brighten our energy, let go of negativity and strengthen our mental and emotional resolve for the months to come.

The universe is giving us an unprecedented opportunity to work on our physical health, our emotional wellbeing and to strengthen our minds and hearts in light of current worldwide events and rapidly changing times. At the Global Equinox Celebration, we will use the sophisticated healing technology of Naam, or the power of the Word, while coming together as a massive collective, which has been shown both by science and spirituality to magnify our capacity to have an even greater healing impact on the world as a whole. May this celebration activate the light of consciousness within and anchor the forces of Love, Faith and Hope in the human heart so that others may find solace, warmth and light during this critical period of world transformation through the power of Naam.

Working with specific breathwork, sound vibration and movement, you will synchronize your energy with the flow of the seasons and harness the vast amounts of prana (energy) that is being released upon the earth at this time.

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2021

Time: 11am Pacific / 12pm MEX / 2pm Eastern / 7pm Europe

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What to Expect at the Global Equinox Celebration

  • Feel the indescribable joy of being connected with people worldwide, from every country and continent, who are all focused on healing, health, community and positive global transformation
  • Be guided through a dynamic, easy to follow practice of movement, breath work, and vocalized healing sound vibration to strengthen your entire body at the molecular level
  • Work with sacred healing music, selections of which have been shown by science to significantly support the healing process
  • Experience the powerful energy of unconditional Love and become part of something greater than yourself that is universal in nature.
  • Come to experience the loving space that you can hold for others when you first put yourself together mentally, emotionally and spiritually

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