Self Love: Finding the Light Within (Replay of Feb 12th Workshop)

A Date Night with Your Soul

Self-Love Workshop: Finding the Light Within

Imagine an evening of heart felt connection, a powerful self-healing ritual, and age-old wisdom to carry you through these times. For so many generations, wisdom was passed down through storytelling. Tonight we revive that tradition and will share personal stories of life-changing challenges and how we found the light within ourselves to guide us back to life.
Tonight we will lead you through a journey to leave specific self-sabotaging beliefs behind and replace them with new beliefs that will help you shine. We will begin with breathwork to purify the blood, balance the emotions and bring energy to your heart, preparing your vessel to receive the light of the wisdom of the Ages and the willingness to see the harmful belief systems that need to be witnessed, so that you can transmute them to beliefs that strengthen you and elevate you.
Come with a willingness to face what is holding you back and leave with a lifeline to your inner light!
In the inspiring words of the poet Amanda Gordon β€œYes there is light. If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it.”
What you need for the workshop:
2 candles, a pen and a journal
NOTE: 100% of proceeds will be donated to development projects at Naam Estate

Your Instructor

Teresa Coltrin & Courtney Miller
Teresa Coltrin & Courtney Miller

Teresa Coltrin is a Mindset and Lifestyle Coach for women, helping women move from their heads to their hearts to live out their passion and purpose in life. Courtney Miller is a Wellness Expert who specializes in guiding people in the healing process of moving from self-rejection to self-love, to break free of intergenerational trauma in order to create a life they love.

United by a shared passion for self-love, Teresa and Courtney are bringing decades of experience and knowledge, to create an evening of heart-centered connection, inspiring stories of hope and triumph and new, practical tools to help you find and connect with the light within you.

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  Self-Love: Finding the Light Within on Friday, February 12, 2021
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