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Shakti Naam Yoga Description

Shakti Naam Yoga is a precise application of sacred sound (mathematical music & mantra), movement, breath, mudra (hand postures), & laughter for complete health, wellbeing & fun for all! New to the West, Shakti Naam incorporates standing postures with anti-aging, deep breathing techniques that open the meridians (energy channels) bringing radiant vitality & wellbeing. Challenging & energizing practice open to all levels.

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Elena Vasilenka @ NAAM LA
Elena Vasilenka @ NAAM LA

Elena Vasilenka is a dedicated Naam Yoga teacher, creator of Naam Yoga Therapies for Happiness DVD program,

Harmonyum healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach.
She lives and teaches Naam Yoga in sunny Santa Monica, CA.

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