Naam is a timeless, simple and healing practice. It can help clear the mind, restore the body, open the heart, and invigorate the spirit. To honor your role as a Mother, we've put together a selection of powerful classes with the intention of helping you cultivate peace, balance and flow. Naam can support your health needs at all phases of life as you care for yourself and for others.

Mother's Day Gift Package

Includes 6 recorded classes you can do anytime, anywhere

Shakti Naam to Open the Heart
with Giu Bergamo

• Shakti Naam for Brain Balance & Self Esteem
with Alyssa Gaustad

Naam Breath Workout: Life Force Center
with Dr. Allyn Cioban

• Naam Yoga for Women: Creative Power
with Renata Spironello

• Naam Meditation for Perception & Balance
with Dr. Emily Hoda

• Naam Health for Emotional Balance:
Overcoming Stress

with Courtney Miller

About these classes

Naam Meditation: Mantra meditation that invokes the power of the word and sound vibration to center one’s mind and emotions on self-healing, positivity, joy and transformation. NAAM = Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation. Open to all.

Shakti Naam Yoga: a precise application of sacred sound (mathematical music & mantra), movement, breath, mudra (hand postures), & laughter for complete health, wellbeing & fun for all! New to the West, Shakti Naam incorporates standing postures with healthy aging, deep breathing techniques that open the meridians (energy channels) bringing radiant vitality & wellbeing. Challenging & energizing practice open to all levels.

Naam Breath Workout: Cultivate your connection to the mind and heart through your breath. This is a practice of vigorous breathwork designed to energize your body, cleanse the blood, and recalibrate the nervous system. These rhythmic and specific breathing techniques can be done seated or standing, by students of all levels. 

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