Full Moon Rituals with Alyssa Gaustad

Optimum Health on Monday, November 27 at 12-1pm PST

New Moon and Full Moon Rituals are an opportunity to come together in community to align for spiritual connection and growth. Working with the energy of the moon when it's waxing or waning brings your mental, emotional and physical bodies into balance. These celebrations include some breath and light movement to open and relax the body, along with guided mantra meditations.

Join Alyssa Gaustad for a mystical Full Moon Ritual. Specifically designed to align and harmonize you with the lunar forces for each month. This ritual includes meditations to strengthen you, nourish you, fortify you, and brighten your energy. During the full moon, and the waning period that follows, it's important to maintain your balance and create a protective shield around you. This impacts both your seen and unseen worlds.

Experience the power of Naam and build your auric light so that you can be the best version of yourself and think and speak in healing and constructive ways.

1 hour
$19 per ritual, includes livestream (+ replay available for 2 weeks following the livestream)

Your Instructor

Alyssa Gaustad
Alyssa Gaustad
Alyssa is honored to share the nourishment of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and to transform through the ecstatic luminous blessing of Naam. A dancer at heart, her classes are infused with love, musicality, inspiration, devotion, discipline and respect for each individual's process. Alyssa trained extensively in dance for over 20 years and graduated cum laude with a BA in dance where she honed her teaching skills studying pedagogy, anatomy and injury prevention. Alyssa received her certifications in the Gyrotonic Expansion system, Gyrokinesis, Pilates Mat, Kundalini Yoga and Naam Yoga® Therapies Levels I, II and III. She danced professionally and taught a variety of populations and settings including hospitals, gyms, offices, yoga studios and private clients in NYC for over ten years. Currently, Alyssa is a Senior Harmonyum Practioner and Naam Yoga® Therapies Teacher Trainer. She teaches Shakti Naam Yoga(TM), Dancing Naam(TM), New and Full Moon Rituals and Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr.Joseph Michael Levry. In addition, Alyssa is on the Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond(TM) Faculty. Alyssa lives in LA and teaches with an incredible team of colleagues around the world including Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico.

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How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access for the month that you enroll in this course and it will expire at the end of that month. Livestream on the 19th at 7:30am Pacific. Replay to follow.

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