7 Nights of Music for the Holidays

December 24th - 30th at 6-7pm PST / 8-9pm CST / 9-10pm EST / 3-4am Europe

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Join together with musicians from the Worldwide Naam Community who will be offering this beautiful holiday concert series. Beginning on December 24th - Christmas Eve and continuing at 6:00pm PST through December 30th. Each night you will be serenaded with the devotional sounds of mantra, holiday carols, inspired originals and old time classics by musicians who have been steeped in the Naam Practice. Each night will be a different musical experience.

Musicans on the roster: Chris Merrill, Courtney Miller, Dalia Siman, Dana & Jules Abraham, David Greenwood, Lemia Astarabadi & Joshua Bowser, Karen Seva, Megan Chaskey, Renee Skuba, Scully Cloete

Music is such a healing elixir - may we join our voices to come together in community and celebrate. Spend your holiday with us!

Dates & Times:

  • Thursday, December 24th from 6-7pm - a montage of holiday music by various members of the Naam community & SING-A-LONG
  • Friday, December 25th from 6-7pm - Christmas Carols with Chris Merrill & Courtney Miller
  • Saturday, December 26th from 6-7pm - Dana & Jules Abraham
  • Sunday, December 27th from 6-7pm - Lemia Astarabadi & Josh Bowser
  • Monday, December 28th from 6-7pm - Dalia Siman
  • Tuesday, December 29th from 6-7pm - Megan Chaskey, Renee Skuba, David Greenwood
  • Wednesday, December 30th from 6-7pm - Karen Seva

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