Sukshma Vyayama Alignment Webinar

on Tuesday, December 7th at 4-5:30pm PST

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Get more benefit with less effort from your Sukshma Vyayama practice!

In these live webinars, you will learn by watching others and also from personal attention customized to your physical alignment habits, that keep you from getting the most of your Sukshma Vyayama practice. In short, you will learn to recognize your misalignment patterns as well as solutions for re-patterning your body’s habits.

This class will be taught in a studio masterclass style - everyone will have the opportunity to be spotlighted and given personal instruction, so that you can feel the difference and notice the improvement in real time.
You will receive at least one simple exercise to help your body remember it’s original design, that you can practice regularly.

As a result you will:
- increase your proprioreception (your ability to know when you are aligned or not)
- optimize the results of the time you invest in practicing Sukshma Vyayama
- improve your functional movements in all areas of your life, leading to greater use of body extending the functional health, mobility, strength and movement of your body for the rest of your life
Webinars will be live-streamed, with replay available for the rest of the month.

Because of the personalized attention given to each student, class size is limited to 11 students.
Are you interested in 2 Alignment Webinars at no cost? They are included in the Nov+Dec Sukshma Series bundle with Courtney Miller at no charge and with replay of both sessions available until Dec 31, 2021.
Are you enrolled in one of our Sukshma Vyayama courses with a different teacher? Check your inbox for an email with a coupon code to register for this SV Alignment Webinar with a $10 discount. If you need assistance please email [email protected]


Courtney M Miller is an expert in Iyengar style yoga, having taught for 15 yrs, before expanding into Naam yoga. She was the first yoga teacher for the Wellness program at the University of Texas at Austin which became so popular that within 3 semesters, classes grew from 10 students to a room of 60 - 100 students.
She is known for her ability to see beyond the physical pattern to the origin, to provide an environment that allows you to face yourself through the experience if being present in your body and the joy and levity she brings to the process.

Your Instructor

Courtney Miller
Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is a co-founder of Naam LA and a highly sought after life coach for the complete mind, body and spirit connection. She is known for her genuine uplifting, positive and especially loving teaching style. As Director of Harmonyum, she has assisted Dr.Levry in over 60 Harmonyum trainings.

Courtney has studied Divine Spiritual Wisdom with Dr.Levry since 2001, and played a key role in the development of material used for teaching and mentoring apprentices for the Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification program, as well as Harmonyum I, Harmonym II, Harmonyum III and the latest Harmonyum at a Distance and Harmonyum Touch through the Feet, as well as Naam Yoga Teacher Trainings 1, 2 and 3, the Shakti Naam Training and the Kabbalah of Birth trainings.

Through a combination of private sessions, public classes, workshops and trainings, Courtney is committed to bringing the healing and positive life-changing benefits of Harmonyum, Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam to everyone who is seeking a more fulfilling, happy and Grace-filled life!

Classes & Important Messages

  Sukshma Vyayama Alignment Webinar with Courtney Miller
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on the date and time of the livestream. Replay will be available for the rest of the month.

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