19: Monthly Sun Ritual (English with Spanish Translation)

Celebrate the solar force with Courtney Miller on the 19th of the month at 7:30am PDT

19 is a celebration of the solar force, the force that enlivens, nourishes and renews all life. As important as it is to honor the rhythm of the Moon, it is just as important to honor the rhythm of the Sun. This will give you two great benefits. First, you will tap into the radiant, illuminating gifts of the mystical solar force represented by the Sun, and you will receive the greater benefits that come from honoring both the Sun and the Moon. When we respect and align ourselves with the 2 forces, we complete the triangle and all is possible.

Join us for 19, a monthly circle where the spiritual wisdom of the Sun is shared under the light of the morning sun, and you can awaken the Sun within you through once-hidden Egyptian practices, breath, sound vibration and light, rhythmic movement. Each month will have a specific theme, based on the current cycle of nature.

7:30am PDT
the 19th of every month
1 hour
$30 per ritual, includes livestream and replay (course access expires the last day of each month)

Do you want to lighten your heart? Do you have emotions that block you from receiving and enjoying the light of your heart? Did you know that certain emotions can prevent you from receiving the success you are working to create?

All of life begins with love, it is only love that can give life. Our heart circulates life force and blood throughout our entire body the same way that the Sun gives life to all of us living on this planet Earth.

From a spiritual-emotional perspective, the heart has 2 doors, one opening up to the lower 3 chakras and one opening up to the upper 3 chakras. When the door of our heart is open to the lower world, the energy of the heart center becomes polluted. If the feelings and emotions are too intense for us to transmute and/or we don't know how to activate the transmutational powers of the heart center, these emotions and feelings create energetic blocks and eventually physical blocks. The most simple example is how anxiety and stress can cause heart arrhythmia.

Our personal power to give life to the desires in our heart is found within our heart, which is one reason why Dr. Levry teaches we must learn to think with our heart, and feel with our head. Symbolically, the Sun is our heart and also stands for our intelligence. The relationship of the heart and our brain are connected by the solar force. Our success in life, whether it be our health, our relationships, our livelihood, requires us to actualize what it means to let the heart to lead the way. For the heart to lead the way, we need to be able to keep the path clear of emotional blocks.

Take this special day to clean any emotions that are blocking you, increase and circulate the solar force within you, and harmonize your thoughts and your feelings so that you can truly create and give life to your true heart desires.

Your Instructor

Courtney Miller
Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is a co-founder of Naam LA and a highly sought after life coach for the complete mind, body and spirit connection. She is known for her genuine uplifting, positive and especially loving teaching style. As Director of Harmonyum, she has assisted Dr.Levry in over 60 Harmonyum trainings.

Courtney has studied Divine Spiritual Wisdom with Dr.Levry since 2001, and played a key role in the development of material used for teaching and mentoring apprentices for the Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification program, as well as Harmonyum I, Harmonym II, Harmonyum III and the latest Harmonyum at a Distance and Harmonyum Touch through the Feet, as well as Naam Yoga Teacher Trainings 1, 2 and 3, the Shakti Naam Training and the Kabbalah of Birth trainings.

Through a combination of private sessions, public classes, workshops and trainings, Courtney is committed to bringing the healing and positive life-changing benefits of Harmonyum, Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam to everyone who is seeking a more fulfilling, happy and Grace-filled life!

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How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access for the month that you enroll in this course and it will expire at the end of that month. Livestream on the 19th at 7:30am Pacific. Replay to follow.

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